• Shanghai Stefano Ricci
    Office and Store


    2013 | Shanghai, PRC

    Build Area

    2,500 sqm


    Ricci (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd


    Interior Design


    Office / Retail






    Project by RM Studio of J.A.O. Design International



    The Stefano Ricci Office and Store design project is located in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road in the heart of the city. It is a renovation of an existing building with a strong historical value, reinvented as a new store and office for Stefano Ricci.

    The office part of the project is situated on the third and fourth floors of the building. Situated on the third floor is the main office area which consists of an open space for 24 people, two accounting offices for respectively 7 and 4 people, two small meeting rooms and one large meeting room with an outdoor terrace to be used as a relaxation area. It is a reserved area where employees can relax and take a break.

    On the fourth floor are the executive offices of the company: the President, the General Manager, the Vice President, the Finance Manager, the Internal Control Manager and the Assistants.

    On the rooftop there is a relaxation area which includes a small bar. The rooftop also houses a large meeting room which is enclosed in a glass box covered by green plants.

    The project combines two different concepts – dynamism and luxury.

    The inspiration for the third floor came from the dynamism of the work force. The office is a modern space designed to facilitate the working environment. We have combined modern materials and forms such as the glass light box, with traditional materials such as marble, because the existing building presents some historical and traditional forms of architecture, for example the columns that we wanted to preserve.