• Shanghai Pirola Pennuto
    Zei & Associati Office


    2013 | Shanghai, PRC

    Built Area

    135 sqm


    Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati


    Interior Design








    Project by RM Studio of J.A.O. Design International



    The Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati Office design project is located in Shanghai in the center of the city. The project area consists of 135sqm divided into different spaces according to the functional needs requested by the client. The space is divided as follows: a front desk area, a large meeting room, an office for the Chief Administrator, two separate offices and an open space divided by two glass panels with four workstations.

    The project combines modern and minimal style mixed with local materials, all conveyed through an elegant European language. The space is divided by transparent and coloured glass panels and customized furniture to maximize the input of natural light and give a much greater sense of width. A great deal of research was carried out on furniture design. Every piece was custom designed to give the optimal solution according to the requirements of each area, never forgetting the general conceptual consistency.