• Dalian New Airport
    Commercial District


    2012| Dalian, Liaoning Province, PRC

    Land Area

    2,300,000 sqm

    Built Area

    1.5 sqkm


    Dalian Airport Industrial Park Administration Committee




    Mixed Use


    Under Construction




    Project by RM Studio of J.A.O. Design International



    Concept 1: geo-growth
    Construct an industrial area with local characteristics, interpreted by geo-design.
    Concept 2: circular growth concept

    The airport industrial area will be a circular system with a diversity of interlinked industries, a sustainable eco-system.
    Concept 3: TOD
    TOD concept is an effective solution for urban problems. Strengthen the “public transport oriented” development mode and put in place cluster-intensive coordination mode.
    Concept 4: Innovative industrial cluster concept
    Develop high level New Airport Industry with high added value, supported by innovative organizational network and business model. Each industrial cluster emphasize on self-dependent innovation and R&D.

    Concept 5: Diversity and integration concept – blazing a low-carbon trail
    Abolish the traditional way of dividing a city merely by its functions. Emphasize on the comprehensiveness of a city as a sustainable system, manifested by large functional clusters’ mixture of functions and forms and the convenience of its interior and outbound transport.
    Concept 6: reasonable development concept
    Construct the 6 key clusters in new airport town: “Cultural cluster, green cluster, urban imprint industrial cluster, Northeast Asia logistics center cluster, technique innovation industry cluster, scientific and technical innovation industry cluster.”