• Chongqing Residential
    Urban Planning


    2012 | Chongqing, PRC

    Land Area

    343,199 sqm

    Build Area

    500,000 sqm


    Zhongwei Real Estate






    Project by RM Studio of J.A.O. Design International



    The project is located in the city of Chongqing, Sichuan Province. The land is situated to the south-east of the old city where there is a new city development. The total land area inside the red line is 343,199sqm and the planned total GFA is approximately 535,867smq. The site is characterized by a series of hills and valleys, surrounded to the east by a service area which is a bus terminal, to the south by a commercial and residential development and to the west and north it borders a green area designated to be a park. After analyzing the plot, we decided to use a very ancient approach called Genius Loci, where you emphasize the distinctive atmosphere or pervading spirit of a place. Genius Loci introduce an important principle that landscape designs and architecture should always be adapted to the context in which they are located. In these terms, we started by creating terraces which would still keep the original feeling of the area but in an organized way.

    When it comes to building on the side of a hill or a mountain, there are many examples of this kind of approach around the world. The land has several peaks, therefore we decided to take advantage of these peaks and create terraces from the top of the highest peaks to generate the stepped terraces where we try to follow the original topography as much as possible. Some deep valleys were leveled using the earth excavated as a result of remodeling the land, to create regular terraces by following an organized design which was studied in sections. The section study begins by placing the buildings at the correct distance from each other so that the shadow does not affect the adjacent building. We lower the foundation of the building as much as possible in order to create an underground parking space accessible from the front road. The second theme comes by separating the vehicular circulation from the pedestrian. In this way we created a pedestrian route that flows through the project. It functions as a main landscape feature and connects all the plazas and the different areas, villas, town houses and towers.