• Capital Dev. Group Overseas Chinese Village Phase Two


    2012 | Beijing, PRC

    Land Area

    13,900 sqm

    Build Area

    54,000 sqm


    Beijing Dongyin Yanhua Real Estate Co., Ltd.




    Commercial / Residential


    Project by RM Studio of J.A.O. Design International



    The project is located in the city of Beijing in northern China. The site area is situated in the south east of the city not far from the Forbidden City. The total land area is 13,900sqm with a FAR of 3.9 and the planned total GFA is approximately 54,410smq. The project is situated in a densely developed part of the city. The project philosophy comes from responding to the client’s demand for a luxury residential complex and the problems we have encountered during our analysis for which we want to give a good design solution, creating advantages from disadvantages.

    Firstly we decided that an L-shaped building was the correct solution for the residential complex. It reflects the functional image and gives us the possibility for most of the apartments to face south. The façade’s double skin layer comes from the need to create a buffer zone to the south in order to protect the apartments from direct sunlight and benefit from the microclimate created inside the buffer zone; to the west not only to protect from direct sunlight on warm summer afternoons, but also to protect from the traffic noise generated by the main west avenue. This gives us the chance to create a unique design for the façade using form and function to our advantage, to model some exciting shapes that will not only look good to the eye, but also create a better living environment, reflecting the Luxury Residential Apartment feeling.