• Beijing Xiguan Hutong
    Boutique Hotel


    2014 | Beijing, PRC

    Build Area

    900 sqm


    Beijing Shangdi Real Estate Development co., Ltd.


    Interior Design








    Projects by RM Studio of J.A.O. Design International


    Winner of 2012 A.P.H.D.A. Golden Art Award

    The Si He Yuan Interior Design Project is located in Beijing, north-east of the Forbidden City. Adopting the traditional courtyard concept of Chinese architecture, the project consists of four separate areas with different functions around a central garden. The four areas are a living room, dining room, master bedroom and guest room. The garden plays an important role in the overall vision and design process. A direct view of the garden is guaranteed from all four areas by the use of glass walls. While independent in function, all areas are interconnected through the garden.

    The project combines western and Chinese art both modern and traditional. In the living room, inspiration came from the tranquility of a mountain range combined with traditional Chinese furnishings but with a modern touch. The master bedroom has a more modern and western approach. Natural light through the glass wall which overlooks the garden is an integral part of the design. A large open space, punctuated by strategically placed partitions, creates separate sleeping and sitting areas. A large modern bathroom creates an illusion of openness but well-placed walls ensure privacy. The guest room also takes the approach of an open layout using giant translucent traditional Chinese style screens that offer separation but still provide natural light. The dining room uses traditional Chinese furnishing. The central wall behind the round table is the focal point of the design concept. It is made of stone giving the illusion of running water. This helps to provide a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in a quaint and natural environment when dining.