• Approach

    It is RM Architects belief that in the modern age there is no other way to work on a large scale development if not referring to sustainable strategic planning. The reasons for this are due to the benefits that this approach to planning design brings to a city, to its citizens and to the investors.

    To do this, it is necessary to define specific strategies tailored to a specific context; no two cities are the same. Each context has to be studied carefully to find the appropriate solution to each individual problem. We also have to consider tomorrow’s (future) issues in preference to those relevant today. Future Proofing minimizes risk and increases value.

    It is with such design methodology (integrated approach) that RM Architects approach planning. The Project is put at the center of the process and the Team translates the client, the consultants and government input giving a unique end result.


    • Planning

    • Keypoints

      Integrated design

      Mixed use development

      Citizens benefits

      Oriented to the future